Today is Valentine ́s day!

The shop window was flooded with hearts, flowers and lovebirds. Everything was dressed in a pink-red color. And what does that mean? It's 14. February. Do you ask what a significant day this is? It's a feast of all in love! And Western civilization, in Witness of Love and faithfulness, is sending a handwritten, in which he expresses the deepest feelings of his beloved.
Commercialism or proof of love?
Some individuals argue that they don't need one date on the calendar to tell the precious half they feel about it. They are experiencing beautiful moments in two whole year. So the question is, is it only about marketing and commercialism? The truth is that in addition to Christmas, the Valentine's Day is one of the most profitable events of the year. You can bake a chocolate cupcake partner or create a T-shirt with your photo and the inscription "Forever." With the printing of T-shirts you can choose the original background, different stickers, embroidery and so on.