S R.O.

Many of the obligations that need to be met. For the emergence of the new company, it is also necessary to appoint its manager, Whichone of the most fundamental and most important figure in the new company.

The founding of the S R.O. The director should be appointed by the person who actively participates or is a partner in the operation of the company. And this because of the protection of the property of the company, because the director, as the only one of the other signatories of the right to sell real estate. Therefore, the agent, which was not determined at the foundation of the company from the narrowest circle of the society, could exploit the given privileges. A new company may act, publicise and decide on certain facts of the prosecutor.

Chief Clerk

This person is determined by the direct subordinated manager, the owners and the right to make decisions about the property of the company. It is necessary to elect such a person again from the circle of the closest collaborators who work in the field with you. It is important to have confidence in the prosecutor's office, experience with his actions, acting, etc. The prosecutor represents the company, more actively develops and leads.